Springs Sprockets and Pulleys

"Common objects, made uncommon." -Charles Osgood, CBS Sunday Morning

Press a button or crank a wheel and Steve Gerberich's sculptures come to life. A flock of decoy geese overhead flap open suitcase wings. A wooden cow with hooves clad in high-top sneakers is milked endlessly by an over-enterprising farmer. This awe-inspiring show contains 30 of Gerberich's sculptures built during a 12 year span, and can be site specifically installed up to 5,000 square feet.

Holiday Springs Sprockets

"Brilliantly eccentric - ingenious action sculptures..." -Gene Shalit, NBC Today Show

Prepare for 2500 square feet of winter wonderland to investigate.

Gerb's Gadgetry

"These are figures that come to life, their skeletal mechanisms on gleeful display - it is an exhilarating exhibition..." -Edward Rothstein, The New York Times

Everything from kitchen utensils to industrial bits to carnival figurines get put to use in this 2000 square foot conglomeration. Perfect for a smaller venue.

Quotable Quotes

"Many people in SoHo believe that the last truly modernist movement in the neighborhood is the window art of Stephen J. Gerberich..."
-Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker
"If you've ever fallen for a tag-sale knickknack, kept a broken tool, stored a useless appliance, admired an arcane invention or used the word 'cool' in front of an obsolete machine, Gerberich is your man."
-Timothy Cahill, Times Union
"When my twins were about 3 1/2 years old I drove them way out to the Morris Museum TWO times because all 3 of us were utterly wow'ed and amazed and delighted with your Springs, Spockets & Pulleys exhibit. Of all the different museums, galleries, shows, concerts, aquariums and kid-related events, I felt and still feel SS & P was the most important and meaningful outing we ever had. I called and emailed all my friends (even in Connecticut) and told them that your exhibit was an absolute must see."
-Victoria, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

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