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Gerbomatic is the artistic, wildly involved and unique world of Steve Gerberich. Turning everyday objects into wonderfully bizarre mechanical creations, he works from his studio in Brooklyn, New York. The studio, an old sweat factory from a gone by era, is jam-packed with his life-long collections of machine parts, 20th century pop cultural collectables, molded plastics, ornate metals, and decorative wood scraps. Everything he collects eventually becomes a part of his work.

Gerberich holds a BFA from University of Northern Iowa. In 1985 he moved to New York City, settling in the vibrant artist's enclave of Soho. There he began his motorized installations, first installing them in an old abandoned factory with windows that looked out on historic Broome Street. While he lived and worked in Soho, his installations caught the attention of the public, international art collectors and art critics.

Gerberich moved from Soho, as did many artists in the early 90's as the real estate boom forced artists out. He has been living and working in Brooklyn for over fifteen years now. His sculpture has turned into large -scale museum installations. With his "Springs, Sprockets and Pulleys" Museum exhibition, this inspiring work has been traveling now for seven years across the United States.

Gerberich continues to challenge the every-day, pushing objects to come alive and work in extraordinary unimaginable ways.